About us

    Nowadys,with the progress of science, our ways of life has changed greatly.  People immerse themselves in the convience of technology, and cannot live without it. Especially the cellphones,which have become a mode of our life.We use cellphone from anytime and anywhere, at breakfast, on the metro, in the office, party and even before sleeping,ect.
    However, are you aware that your phone has never been cleaned? It is so dirty!
    Classics experiment testing proof, your phone has 18 times more bacteria than toilets, how awful! In order to change the situation, "PhoneShower" is born, a brand that created by a young team from China. Our team developed and produced the electronic technology products from 2014. We believe, we can change the world's perception of China, and we are capable of providing the world with high quality and valuable goods, for the sake of solving some puny but necessary problem in society.
    PhoneShower sterilizers the phone by Uv-C ultraviolet technology, which will not hurt our health and has been conferred a certain official acceptability in global disinfection field. And we strict control over the quality in the production process.Moreover, the productions will be put on the market after being tested at least three times. So, customers can rest assured!
For your and your family's health, it's time to pick out and buy a PhoneShower device. Come on, clean your phone!